Over the years, I’ve watched far too many successful executives miss the signs that should tell them that it is time to transition jobs and companies.  Here are a few telltale signs that should kick an executive into seriously considering it is time to make a change.

Personal signs that are strong indicators that you need a change of scenery:

  • The zip is out of your step; you’re more bored than challenged and energized every day.
  • You’re operating at 70% and are way too comfortable with your results and compensation; mostly, autopilot these days.
  • The thrill of accomplishing the impossible just isn’t there anymore.

Boss signs that say you’re working for the wrong person:

  • A new boss that wonders what you’ve been up to for the last 18 months. He brings a much better idea on how you can get the results you should have been getting before he arrived to help you.
  • A boss that continues to tie up your decision-making authority with hoop after hoop to jump through before allowing you to do what you wanted to do from the beginning.
  • A boss that is way too comfortable herself and describes patience as a virtue when it comes to your ambition and need for personal and career growth.

Here are several Company signs that should ring an alarm:

  • The company’s business model is being disrupted and everyone keeps doing same ol’ same ol’.
  • Decision-making has no passing gear when immediate and major strategies and operating plan shifts are necessary to drive results.
  • Customer acquisition focus turns into everyday customer retention fire drills up and down the organization.

Just as some executives can take too long in coming to grips and action regarding subordinate performance shortfalls, I’ve watched enough successful executives turn a blind eye to the signs for transitioning.  As they say, hoping for better things to happen is not a plan!

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