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How does the executive transition coaching process work?

How does the executive transition coaching process work?

As a topline overview, we guide and assist you through an iterative yet dynamic process that is tailored to your specific career aspirations and personal requirements. This process is based on my decades of 360° experience in the executive job market as a recruiter of top executives, a two-decade CHRO and 10-year executive coach to hundreds of transitioning C-suite executives.

The executive transition process includes the following focus to be adopted to your specific needs:

  • Creating clarity on next job and career aspirations and objectives; reasons for seeking a new opportunity.
  • Developing your personalized job search strategy and unique value proposition.
  • Fine tuning your media and marketing strategy – resume, bio, profile’s, digital engagement.
  • Guiding you through the “how to’s” of confidential and successful networking strategies and follow-up.
  • Coaching you to “winning the interview” and successfully platforming your capabilities and differentiating your leadership and business results.
  • Helping you successfully navigate and strategize specific job opportunity requirements.
  • Managing your references confidentially and optimally.
  • Assisting you in any specific offer negotiations regarding terms and conditions and executive compensation.

What is the typical final outcome for executive transition coaching with Greg A. Lee & Associates?

Most executive transition coaching outcomes result in the executive finding the right next top management opportunity. However, based on your unique and individual circumstances, other outcomes include transition for a permanent, full-time corporate job to a multiple company board membership, private entrepreneurial roles, ultimately staying with your current employer or even retirement.

Fee Structure

I believe in “Pay for Performance”, so you are the judge of whether I get paid or not. If you feel that I’ve definitely helped you effectively strategize your job search, helped you to effectively implement that strategy and coached you to putting your best foot forward in interviews, networking discussions, and offer negotiations, you pay me.

First, two-three discussions we decide if this is a fit. If it is, it is $5,000 retainer to continue. And $500/month after that until you decide our work is done. The total fee is $10,000 and you decide if you have received the full value for your money and whether to pay me the full amount or not. You are the judge of my performance as your executive transition coach.

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