Executive Transition Coaching

When successful executives need to confidentially pivot into the next great opportunity.

Focusing on the right next career move

For whatever reason or motivation that is driving you, it’s now time to make that necessary move, the move that will put your career back on the track it should be, get you to the next logical position or create better financial opportunities for you. You recognize and need to do this in a highly confidential, personalized manner. Similar to starting anything that you do, you need a plan. A plan that includes a job search strategy, a specific game plan to implement that strategy with a differentiated personal value proposition that lets you win in a crowded, highly competitive executive job market. And yes, you’ll need to effectively and efficiently communicate your successes and value proposition to set yourself apart from other successful top executives with impressive track records.

A clear and demonstrated track record of guiding, advising and coaching executives to successful conclusions

Confidential personalized advice for your career

Confidentially Optimizing Your Career

We help you differentiate yourself in a way that builds your confidence to successfully platform your unique value to a business from other talented and highly successful executives wanting the same thing you want – a great job and company loaded with upside growth and reward potential. We help you craft your unique skills, experiences and successes into a compelling value proposition for boards and companies, while coaching you on best ways to maintain confidentiality as you step into the executive job market.

If this type of confidential, personalized focus, know-how and end-game is relevant to you as a senior executive who’s considering a job change, please schedule a call so that we can privately determine if this is a fit and will work for you. If it’s not, I’ll give you my best advice on a way forward free of charge. Nothing ventured, nothing gained as they say.

Confidentiality Promises:

1. We take confidentiality extremely seriously and will never divulge any information (including the fact we are working with you) you share with us with any third party.

2. Any information you share with us will only be used to provide you with the consulting services you ask us to perform for you.

3. We will protect your information using the same measures we use to protect our own proprietary and confidential information.

4. We understand that you are not transferring any business ideas or strategies to us, you retain full ownership of any information, ideas, etc. you share.

5. If for some reason we are required to share information of yours pursuant to a legal requirement or court order, we will not do so before informing you.

6. You can ask us at any time to delete, destroy, and/or return any information you share with us.

7. By asking us for information regarding our consulting services or even sharing some information, you are not obligating yourself to work with us until we enter into a transition coaching arrangement.

8. We take privacy laws seriously and will comply with all applicable laws related to privacy and security.

9. Like other companies, we sometimes collect information on the use of our website for aggregated analytic purposes.

10. If you would like us to sign a one-way non-disclosure agreement, we are happy to do that on a form you provide or a form we have created for that purpose, which you can review by clicking below.

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